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The oral health specialists at Aqua Dental Loft strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment for patients of all ages. We work hard to offer top-quality oral care treatments for children and teens and to provide younger patients with strong dental foundations that will benefit them later in life. A child who receives regular dental visits at an early age is less likely to require extensive treatments or procedures as they grow older. By having your child visit Aqua Dental Loft, you can put them on the right track for a lifetime of great oral health.

Pediatric & Family Dentist

The First Visit

A child should receive their first dental visit shortly after their first few teeth begin emerging. In most cases, this is between the ages of six months and one year. By making a dental visit at this young age, we can provide your child with a level of comfort and trust that will carry over to future visits. Our experts use the first dental visit as a chance to examine the child’s early teeth and gums for proper development, while also keeping a sharp eye out for any signs of possible early tooth decay.

Parents generally use the first dental visit as an opportunity to ask questions and to address any concerns they have about their child’s oral health regimen. Having these concerns addressed will allow us to provide the best dental care for your child moving forward. Our experts also like to use this time to provide parents with important information about practices such as teething, cavity prevention, brushing and flossing techniques, thumb sucking and more.

Kids Complete Checkups

It is essential that every child receives a complete dental checkup at least twice per year. These routine visits allow our experts to stay on top of your child’s oral health and to provide timely treatment if it is ever needed. Every child who visits Aqua Dental Loft for a complete dental checkup will receive a professional teeth cleaning, digital X-rays, an oral cancer screening and fluoride treatment if necessary. Our dental care experts also often use these opportunities to provide parents with helpful information regarding the proper care of their child’s teeth.

Preventive Treatments

Providing proactive preventive treatments for your child can go a long way towards making them less likely to need extensive dental procedures later. These treatments will help to ensure that your child’s teeth develop properly, while also preventing problems like cavities or tooth decay from occurring. Just a small amount of effort now can save you and your child a significant amount of time and energy later. Some of the most common preventive dental treatments for children include sealants, fluoride applications, spacers and mouth guards for children who play contact sports.


Children and teens place an incredibly high value on the appearance of their teeth, and it can be particularly difficult for them when their teeth become damaged. That is why we consider dental restorations for younger patients to be extremely important. Our top goal whenever a child or teen has damaged teeth is to provide them with a top-quality restoration that leaves their teeth looking good as new and functioning better than ever. Whether your child comes to us needing a crown, fillings, bridgework or veneers, you can be sure that they are receiving the best treatment possible.


Spacers consist of special bands that are worn over a child’s baby teeth in order to prevent them from moving or shifting position. They are most commonly applied when baby teeth are lost at an unusually age, possibly because of an accident. When this occurs, it is possible that the adjacent baby teeth will make undesired movements and block new teeth from developing properly. By using dental spacers and keeping their old teeth from moving, we can help ensure that your child’s permanent teeth will be able to grow as they should.


Consisting of an acrylic coating that is applied to the back molars, dental sealants establish a protective barrier for teeth against harmful bacteria and acids. They also smooth out rough surfaces that are commonly present on the molars in order to make them easier to clean and maintain. Because baby teeth tend to feature grooves and fissures that are deeper than those found in adult teeth, young children are often great candidates for dental sealants. This type of treatment can be extraordinarily beneficial for your child as they continue to develop their brushing and flossing techniques.

Fluoride Applications

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can provide some major benefits for teeth. When fluoride is applied, it works to strengthen and remineralize tooth enamel, thereby preventing and reversing the effects of tooth decay. A large number of children receive supplemental fluoride applications on their baby teeth, which are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay and other types of damage. In most cases, providing a fluoride application is a quick and easy procedure that can usually be completed alongside a dental checkup.

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Anne-Marie S.

Dr. Casey is so AMAZING! So professional he explained everything and listened to my concerns, my fillings were painless, I did not feel a thing and they are actually pretty, you would never know they are there. I also just had my teeth cleaned today; my teeth have never been so clean. I highly recommend the office, staff is so friendly and courteous I will never go anywhere else. 😁
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Bianca L.

Dr. Casey is simply the very best dentist I have ever met. He’s gentle and caring. I’m always greeted by name by the receptionist. The staff is friendly and professional. During procedures, my comfort level is of primary concern.
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Nicole R.

Dr. Jamily Pedro and Dr. Casey Pedro are AMAZING dentists. They are kind, caring, informative, and very knowledgeable. Never in my life have I had a dentist that actually takes the time to properly explain things to me, or teach me about preventative care, etc. They are also wonderful with my children and put them at ease when they are nervous. The office is state of the art and very cleanly. I highly recommend this dental practice.
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