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Periodontics is a subcategory of dentistry that focuses on the structures that support the teeth, particularly the gums and mouth bones. In recent years, periodontics has experienced major growth due in part because of the widespread prevalence of periodontitis, also known as gum disease. The condition is marked by infection and inflammation of an individual’s gums, making them appear noticeably swollen.

Gum Disease Treatment in Boca Raton, FL

Gum disease occurs when a person’s gum experience irritation due to heavy exposure to toxins that are found in plaque. As the disorder progresses, the gums will start to retract from the teeth. This creates empty voids known as periodontal pockets that are prone to being taken over by large amounts of plaque and bacteria. If this happens, the condition will be able to quickly spread throughout the mouth. From there, tooth loss and jawbone deterioration can occur if periodontitis is allowed to reach the jawbone and the connective tissues of the teeth.

At Aqua Dental Loft, we strongly urge our patients to seek treatment for gum disease as soon as possible. We offer several different types of periodontal services that work to stop the spread of gum disease and to reverse the damage that has been done. Once the treatment is finished, your gums will begin to heal over time, and you can focus on improving your oral health in the long run.

Deep Cleanings

A deep cleaning is a careful cleansing process that focuses on cleaning out the periodontal pockets that typically develop with gum disease. Our experts use specialized dental tools to clean out the pockets that have developed between the teeth and the gums. Any plaque, tartar and toxins that are present will be removed during this time. The deep cleaning process also generally involves removing tartar and plaque from the surfaces of the tooth roots. After the procedure is complete, the gums should begin to slowly heal, and they will eventually reattach themselves to the teeth.

Gum Graft Surgery

As periodontitis progresses and the gums pull away from the teeth, it can result in a receding gum line and an unsightly smile. This will also expose a person’s tooth roots and put them at risk for a serious infection. Luckily, this issue can usually be corrected with a minor procedure known as a gum graft surgery. The treatment involves harvesting oral tissue from another area of the mouth and then using this tissue to cover up the exposed tooth roots. By doing this, we can restore the appearance of the gums and prevent dangerous infections from occurring.

Dental Crown Lengthening

An unattractive, “gummy” smile is a common side effect of gum disease. This generally occurs when a person’s gum tissue becomes swollen and inflamed. Our experts can often fix this problem by removing and reshaping the excess gum tissue to expose more of the patient’s natural teeth. This procedure goes a long way towards restoring the look of a patient’s smile, while also making their gums appear much healthier.

Scaling and Root Planing

A non-surgical treatment for gum disease, scaling and root planing involves using special dental tools to remove all of the plaque, tartar and toxins that have accumulated above and below an individual’s gum line. The first part of the treatment focuses on eliminating any plaque that is present on the surface of the teeth and on the root surfaces. The second part involves smoothing out the rough spots on the root surfaces to prevent the condition from reoccurring. Overall, the treatment is highly effective in stopping gum disease and helping the gums become fully healed.

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

A pinhole gum rejuvenation procedure is an incision-free technique that is used to treat a receding gum line. The treatment starts by making small holes in the patient’s gums. Next, specialized tools are used to gently massage the retracted gum tissue and guide it into place over the exposed tooth roots. Because no incisions are needed, pinhole gum rejuvenation procedures feature an incredibly quick recovery time, while still allowing our experts to make immediate cosmetic improvements to a patient’s smile.

Regenerative Procedures

In the event that gum disease spreads to a person’s jawbone, it can cause significant damage to this structure. When this occurs, a regenerative procedure may be used to restore the jawbone. This type of procedure involves folding back the gum tissue and removing any harmful bacteria and toxins that are found on the jawbone. Once the area is clean, artificial bone grafts and special proteins are applied to encourage the healing and regeneration of the bone. This will support new bone growth, allowing the jawbone to slowly begin the healing process. In severe cases, it may take several months for the jawbone to become fully healed.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a type of regenerative procedure that uses artificial bone-like materials and specialized proteins to encourage new bone growth. These materials are applied directly to the deteriorated bone in an attempt to regenerate the structure. Bone grafting procedures are often used when a patient has experienced tooth loss, but their jawbone is too weak to support dental implants. By using a bone graft, we can strengthen their jawbone so that it can adequately maintain dental implants once it becomes fully healed.

Root Surface Debridement

Root surface debridement involves thoroughly cleaning the root surfaces in order to remove any bacteria, plaque and tartar that is present. This process accesses the spaces deep between the teeth, even reaching areas that are impossible to access with normal brushing and flossing. In many cases, root surface debridement is the only way to eliminate harmful bacteria and toxins from these highly vulnerable areas.

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Anne-Marie S.

Dr. Casey is so AMAZING! So professional he explained everything and listened to my concerns, my fillings were painless, I did not feel a thing and they are actually pretty, you would never know they are there. I also just had my teeth cleaned today; my teeth have never been so clean. I highly recommend the office, staff is so friendly and courteous I will never go anywhere else. 😁
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Bianca L.

Dr. Casey is simply the very best dentist I have ever met. He’s gentle and caring. I’m always greeted by name by the receptionist. The staff is friendly and professional. During procedures, my comfort level is of primary concern.
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Nicole R.

Dr. Jamily Pedro and Dr. Casey Pedro are AMAZING dentists. They are kind, caring, informative, and very knowledgeable. Never in my life have I had a dentist that actually takes the time to properly explain things to me, or teach me about preventative care, etc. They are also wonderful with my children and put them at ease when they are nervous. The office is state of the art and very cleanly. I highly recommend this dental practice.
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