Sealants in
Boca Raton, Florida

Dental Sealants in Boca Raton, FL

Dental sealants consist of a thin layer of acrylic coating that is designed to prevent acids and harmful bacteria from accessing and causing damage to an individual’s back teeth. Sealants also smooth out the deep grooves and fissures that are commonly found on molars in order to make them easier to clean and maintain. Overall, sealants are a great option for protecting teeth and preventing tooth decay.

About 75 percent of all tooth decay exists within the deep grooves and fissures that are most often found on a person’s back molars. It has been proven that these areas are difficult to reach, even when proper brushing and flossing techniques are used. By smoothing out these areas with dental sealants, the effort required for maintaining one’s molars can be significantly reduced.

Children and teenagers, in particular, can receive major benefits from dental sealants. This is because younger patients are often still developing proper brushing habits, and sealants can go a long way towards protecting their growing teeth. Baby teeth are typically great candidates for dental sealants due to the fact that they usually feature very deep grooves and fissures.

Applying Dental Sealants

It usually only takes a few minutes per tooth to apply dental sealants. The process starts by thoroughly cleaning any teeth that are designated for sealing and then drying them completely. Next, we use an etching solution to roughen the outer surfaces of these teeth. This will help the sealant coating bond more easily. Acrylic sealant coating is then carefully painted onto the teeth and allowed to fully dry.

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Anne-Marie S.

Dr. Casey is so AMAZING! So professional he explained everything and listened to my concerns, my fillings were painless, I did not feel a thing and they are actually pretty, you would never know they are there. I also just had my teeth cleaned today; my teeth have never been so clean. I highly recommend the office, staff is so friendly and courteous I will never go anywhere else. 😁
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Bianca L.

Dr. Casey is simply the very best dentist I have ever met. He’s gentle and caring. I’m always greeted by name by the receptionist. The staff is friendly and professional. During procedures, my comfort level is of primary concern.
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Nicole R.

Dr. Jamily Pedro and Dr. Casey Pedro are AMAZING dentists. They are kind, caring, informative, and very knowledgeable. Never in my life have I had a dentist that actually takes the time to properly explain things to me, or teach me about preventative care, etc. They are also wonderful with my children and put them at ease when they are nervous. The office is state of the art and very cleanly. I highly recommend this dental practice.
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